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Tires and roll bars and it&#8217;s blue! (Oh my)

Tires and roll bars and it’s blue! (Oh my)


She’s leaking coolant. And her gas tank is where you’d put children. And she’s dragging her pipes on every bump so she’s got truck tires to keep her standing tall enough to go. She’s for sale. And I’m in love with her.

The Tiny Tea Trinkets :)

Odd find in ontario.

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Naked beauty

Thanks to the tumblr app updating to ios7 only, I can now barely use it. I can’t update because I only have an 8g phone, and the update is half of that, which leaves me no space to HAVE THE APP. FUCK YOU TUMBLR APP. FUCK YOU.

This is how a 22 year old selfies :)  BTW Not even my kids. Nieces and nephew <3